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From the players list you can view complete lists of all current A-League players, past A-League players and a full list of injured A-League players. You can also access further details, statistics and records on each A-League player.

No. Name Position Nationality Club Type
  Li Yan Central Midfielder People's Republic of China (People's Republic of China) New Zealand Knights Inactive
  Abrahim Yango Striker Australia (Australia) Brisbane Roar Inactive
  Yairo Yau Left Midfielder Panama (Panama) Sydney FC Inactive
32 Patrick Yazbek Central Midfielder Australia (Australia) Sydney FC Active
11 Kwame Yeboah Striker Australia (Australia) Western Sydney Wanderers Active
29 Kusini Yengi Striker Australia (Australia) Adelaide United Active
15 Tete Yengi Striker Australia (Australia) Newcastle Jets Active
  Simon Yeo Striker England (England) New Zealand Knights Inactive
  Dwight Yorke Utility (Midfield/Striker) Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago) Sydney FC Inactive
  Ambesager Yosief Central Defender Eritrea (Eritrea) Gold Coast United Inactive
  Liam Youlley Central Midfielder Australia (Australia) Western Sydney Wanderers Inactive
21 Jamie Young Goalkeeper Australia (Australia) Brisbane Roar Active
  Neil Young Goalkeeper Australia (Australia) Perth Glory Inactive
  Stuart Young Striker Australia (Australia) Perth Glory Inactive
  Robert Younis Striker Australia (Australia) Adelaide United Inactive
17 Valentino Yuel Striker Australia (Australia) Newcastle Jets Active
37 Jonny Yull Central Midfielder Australia (Australia) Adelaide United Active