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From the players list you can view complete lists of all current A-League players, past A-League players and a full list of injured A-League players. You can also access further details, statistics and records on each A-League player.

No. Name Position Nationality Club Type
21 Bernie Ibini-Isei Striker Australia (Australia) Newcastle Jets Active
  Kamal Ibrahim Attacking Midfielder Australia (Australia) Melbourne City Inactive
  Paul Ifill Utility (Midfield/Striker) Barbados (Barbados) Wellington Phoenix Inactive
19 Chris Ikonomidis Attacking Midfielder Australia (Australia) Perth Glory Active
  Ken Ilso Attacking Midfielder Denmark (Denmark) Adelaide United Inactive
6 Tomoki Imai Central Defender Japan (Japan) Western United Active
  Naoki Imaya Utility (Midfield/Striker) Japan (Japan) New Zealand Knights Inactive
  Phil Imray Goalkeeper New Zealand (New Zealand) Wellington Phoenix Inactive
23 Dane Ingham Right Back New Zealand (New Zealand) Perth Glory Active
7 Jai Ingham Striker New Zealand (New Zealand) Brisbane Roar Active
  Brad Inman Central Midfielder Scotland (Scotland) Brisbane Roar Inactive
  Thierry Iradukunda Central Midfielder Australia (Australia) Western United Inactive
  Hiroyuki Ishida Right Midfielder Japan (Japan) Perth Glory Inactive
  Jacob Italiano Attacking Midfielder Australia (Australia) Perth Glory Inactive
20 Lewis Italiano Goalkeeper Australia (Australia) Newcastle Jets Active
18 Luke Ivanovic Striker Australia (Australia) Sydney FC Active
  Paul Izzo Goalkeeper Australia (Australia) Adelaide United Inactive