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Rescheduled fixtures: All fixtures affected by COVID-19 have now been updated to reflect their new dates, kick-off times and stadiums. Fixtures without an assigned stadium will be updated once a stadium is assigned by the FFA/A-League.


From the Statistics section, you access stats and statistics on the A-League, including player statistics, club statistics, referee statistics, manager statistics, stadium statistics, achievement statistics and attendance statistics, on various aspects such as goal scoring, cards, appearances, penalties given, average attendances, and single game and single round statistics.

AppearancesYellow Cards GivenRed Cards GivenTotal Cards Given
Name Nationality Appearances Total Cards Total Cards Per Appearance
Alex King Australia (Australia) 17 76 4.47
Alireza Faghani Iran (Iran) 15 56 3.73
Shaun Evans Australia (Australia) 13 39 3
Adam Kersey Australia (Australia) 13 58 4.46
Kurt Ams Australia (Australia) 11 38 3.45
Chris Beath Australia (Australia) 10 41 4.1
Daniel Elder Australia (Australia) 8 27 3.38
Jonathan Barreiro Australia (Australia) 7 27 3.86
Adam Fielding England (England) 7 24 3.43
Stephen Lucas Australia (Australia) 7 29 4.14
Ben Abraham Australia (Australia) 6 21 3.5
Kate Jacewicz Australia (Australia) 2 4 2

* This record excludes figures from Pre-Season games

Exclude finals fixtures from results